microdot® Blood Glucose Meter schematic
  • Requires only 0.6µL sample
  • Beeper to assist in testing
  • Large easy to read display
  • Strip eject button, automatic fill check
  • Hi/Lo Control logging with time and date stamp

Easy To Use

microdot® Blood Glucose Meter inserting Test Strip

1. Insert Strip

microdot® Blood Glucose Monitor adding blood sample

2. Add Blood Drop

microdot® BLood Glucose monitoring system easy to read display

3. Read Results

microdot® Blood Glucose monitoring system illustrating the eject button for the used test strip.

4. Eject Strip


microdot® Blood Glucose Meter minimizing risk of cross contamination by using the eject button
  • Strip eject button eliminates handling of used test strips. Important for infection control, and minimizing risk of cross-contamination.

Quick Results

microdot® Blood GLucose Monitor fast results on an easy to read display
  • Provides accurate results in only 10 sec.
  • Patients and staff spend less time testing. Clinically Accurate

Clinically Accurate

microdot® Blood Glucose Monitor provides accurate results.
  • Common care substances do not compromise test results.
  • Automatic fill check. Meter beeps and only runs if enough blood is added in the right place.
  • Advanced glucose dehydrogenase chemistry (NAD dependent)
  • No interferences from over 20 interfering substances including maltose, oxygen, octagam, icodextrin,  IV solutions, ascorbic acid, aspirin and bilirubin.
  • Haematocrit range 25-55%
  • 10 second test time.

The accuracy of the microdot® System was determined in an independent third party UK study by comparing the results from 102 lay diabetics using the system with those obtained using a YSI Model 2300 Glucose Analyser. The regression Statistics derived from a plot of the microdot® data versus the YSI Plasma Capillary data were as follows:

microdot® Xtra clinically accurate as common care substances don't compromise results.

YSI Plasma Capillary data were as follows:
Slope 0.973
y-intercept 4 mg/dL
Correlation coefficient ® 0.977
Number of samples 204
Range tested 45 - 472 mg/dL

Clarke error grid analysis
A region 98%
B region 2%
C region 0%
D region 0%
E region 0%


microdot® BLood Glucose Monitor test subject providing a small sample.
  • Requires only 0.6μL sample making it less painful to the patient.
  • Bottom-of-the-meter strip insertion for more convenient sample application

Advanced Features For Professional & Intensive Use

microdot® Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Beeper to assist you in testing (meter beeps when enough sample added and when test is complete).
  • Automatic fill check (meter beeps and only runs if enough blood is added in the right place).
  • Strip eject button (no need to handle strips).
  • Ability to mark your readings with events (such as control test and other event).
  • 500 data point memory.